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Mo Sanitation Service is based in Ontario.

Mo Sanitation serves most parts of Ontario. We are a food processing plant, sanitation and deep cleaning and commercial service. We have more than 15 years of combined experience in the sanitation industry. We serve federal and provincial food plants. Mo Sanitation provide their skilled services to a variety of industries. We specialize in serving food processing places. Mo Sanitation like to make their clients happy, We offer our service with a 100% guarantee that we follow all regulations on the use of chemicals, deliver quality and have courteous professionals on the job.   

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Today’s high-volume food processing and preparation creates a challenge for the food industry that needs a solution. It is the main reason making the need of food safety and hygiene of food processing more important than ever. Our sanitation service is based on applied science for the procurement of hygienic conditions. Hygiene needs additional attention and is to be performed by experts in the food industry. In the past training was not available and employees, including sanitation program managers, lacked an understanding of the importance, and how and when the need of sanitation. Nowadays, sanitation jobs should be carried out by training specialists with knowledge of the impact and need for hygienic conditions. Also, to make use of available training manuals provided by regulatory agencies and recommendations from equipment and cleaning compound firms. Our cleaning employees are trained and aware of all information about the selection of appropriate cleaning methods, equipment, compounds, and sanitizers for maintaining hygienic conditions in food processing and preparation facilities. Sanitation is a broad subject with crucial requirement related to, cleaning compounds, sanitizers, cleaning equipment. As part of our training, Mo Sanitation will clarify particular instructions for applying these ideas to reach desired clean and healthy conditions in food processing or food preparation operations. There are specific directions to prevent contamination and for applying these concepts to attain hygienic conditions in food processing or food preparation operations. We provide updated information on cleaning and sanitizing equipment best suited for various applications in the food industry. Waste product handling is at the moment a challenge for the food industry. All those aspects of food preparation hygiene and safety are in good hands by Mo Sanitation experts.