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Our Approach

 Mo Sanitation, provide a thorough disinfection service. The training consists of an in-depth practice of sanitation of different surfaces, using a special formulated cleaner, certified for killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and other unwanted microorganism. Our cleaners are trained professionals on sanitation protocols and the use of appropriate equipment.

Implement our designed Sanitation Programs: in writing and on-premise programs, meeting CFIA, GFSI (BRC, SQF) and Customer Requirements. Create and assist in carry out and, anywhere needed, manage all types of sanitation programs.

Diverse Cleaning-tools and equipment disassemble (in coordination with the team in charge) and apply preventive intervention of harm, or/and improve functioning.

Sanitation data research and application of straightforward, manageable and related data scanning system to measure effectiveness and make recommendation for refinement and success

Find and Eliminate Programs: Make an evaluation and if needed find means for shelf-life improvement and, when necessary, on pathogen source, and provide information for corrective and preventive actions.

Cost-effective overview: evaluation of potential improvements and make suggestion and options on synthetic products and utility usage.

Mini-factories   Mo Sanitation is a leading company for your sanitization needs. We specialize in public health for customers in the food processing industry. We are experienced and have knowledge of the particularity of food-plant sanitation. It is critical to running a successful operation. We take optimal cleaning quality, health and safety, with the most serious approach. We involve ourselves in every aspect of your sanitation teams on site for any shifts. We will assist in managing and maintaining all appropriate documentation necessary for internal use,